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The Secret Society Electus (Society) — is a supra-religious and supra-political organization comprising members with diverse backgrounds, occupying various hierarchical positions across different countries.

The Society’s primary objective is to unite proactive individuals to exchange sacred knowledge and philosophical ideas aimed at addressing global issues.

Membership is voluntary and completely anonymous; all attendees at meetings and ceremonies are required to wear masks.
The founders of the Secret Society Electus comprise a select group of high-ranking members, including politicians, scientists, artists, cultural figures, focusing on leading priority areas such as:
— Gerontology — focused on combating aging and life extension;
— Preservation and study of ancient artifacts.
Limited to 100 members at the highest initiation level. Only members at this level are eligible to attend offline ceremonies.
The prerequisite for membership is the acquisition of a unique NFT mask and the receipt of a membership card with a personalized ID. NFT holders will receive early access to the project products and will participate in the distribution of project tokens.
Membership is available in two types
Open to an unlimited number of members who contribute to the Society’s development and influence. Members at this level are eligible to attend online events only.
Membership requires a transaction of 0.5 ETH per year to the Society wallet, receiving a membership card with an individual ID, without the necessity of purchasing an NFT.
Membership at the Electus initiation level within the Society can be transferred through the sale of an NFT mask along with a virtual ID card. Implicari level membership is non-transferable, requiring a new candidate to initiate a new transaction.

The Secret Society will operate based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) principles, if its members vote to do so. The transition to DAO can occur after the initiation process of all 100 members at the highest level and their familiarization with the Society’s classified materials.


To become a member of the Secret Society Electus, follow these steps
Purchase one of the 100 NFT masks for the Electus highest initiation level or initiate a 0.5 ETH transaction for the Implicari initiation level to a designated address.
Gain access to your personal account and a virtual membership card with an individual identifier. To do this, register an account on the site, providing the transaction number. Registration will be available after the sale of the first 5 NFTs.
Once the entire collection of 100 NFTs has been sold, an invitation link to the private Discord for Society members will be available in your personal account.
In our private Discord you will be able to find out the details of planned events that you can attend if you wish.


The collection comprises 100 UNIQUE NFTs each representing a handmade Venetian mask
Every mask is individually crafted by a highly skilled artisan, making it entirely unique and available as a single copy.

The NFT mask collection is captured in 360° and looping, filmed in high-quality 4k resolution, using specialized equipment, and involves live models during the filming process.

NFTs will be gradually released for sale as masks are crafted and captured. The complete collection of 100 NFTs will be uploaded before the end of Q2 2024.

Upon purchasing an NFT, Society members gain access to their physical mask corresponding to the purchased NFT (the physical mask is included in the NFT price).
The NFT mask collection will be available for purchase on the Foundation